Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How stupid can white people be?

A guy named Bo Brooks, which I wish I could like because there were lots of Brooks' where I grew up and not a few 'Bo's', is a Republican Congressperson from Alabama and he told Laura Ingreham on Fox News ('Lord help us') that the only people it is safe to discriminate against are "white people".

He blamed the Democrats for fomenting 'race warfare' and 'hating white people'.

To her credit, even Laura Ingreham called Bo's remarks "a little over the top".

Lord Jesus, how stupid can White People be?

Being white in this country IS a problem--a problem for everyone who isn't.

White People run everything. Or, let me correct that, White Men run everything. Oh, women have made some progress but they still make 68 cents for every dollar a man makes in most states, doing the same jobs. But people of color--give me a break Bo...Black and Brown people in this country clean our toilets, cut our lawns, fill our pools, pick up our trash, don't get to go to college and over-populate our prisons. Raising the 'race question' is something that needs to be done.

(I have this unsubstantiated theory that the reason we have bent over backwards to send out electric bills and lots of other stuff in Spanish--unlike our refusal to make allowances for European immigrants--is that we want to keep the Brown underclass as an underclass to do our dirty work. And by 'our', I mean White People.

If there needs to be a war on anyone in this country, it needs to be on White People (Men). I just pray enough of the women (a majority, by the way) get together with the Hispanic, African American and Asian folks to turn our government around and truly, just like Bo fears, throw the White Men out and take over.

That's what I hope. They'd do a much better job of running things than White Men are doing...hell, my two 7 year old and 4 1/2 year old Asian/American granddaughters could do a better job of running things than Bo Brooks and his white male peers in the House of Representatives.

I assure you they would because they are loving and inclusive and really worry about (sometimes to my distress) about 'being FAIR'. That's more than Bo and his Bros do, believe me.

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