Wednesday, August 27, 2014

two sleeps and we're gone...

When our kids were small and didn't get linear time so well (as I still don't!) Bern would tell them, "three more sleeps and it will be your birthday/Christmas/time to go on vacation."

Well, two sleeps and we're off to Oak Island, North Carolina for a week. We could stay two weeks or even three but Bern wouldn't leave our dog for that long and he would be absolute hell to travel with. The only way you can take him on a trip is to drug him until he's about to fall over. Otherwise he would bark the whole way--I kid you not.

If Bela traveled better, we'd stay longer on the island where we've probably, over the years since 1974, spent about two years all told. We used to go for a whole month when the kids were small and then three weeks when they started to find it boring to be on an island. Finally, before we stopped for a decade or so, for just two weeks.

Actually, parceling out time in 'sleeps' makes a lot of sense. It is, after all, the activity we spend more time doing than most anything and our lives are punctuated by 'sleeps'.

Since I'm sometimes not sure what day it is until I turn on my computer, planning my life by 'sleeps' makes a lot of sense. I can keep track of that better.

So, instead of, "I have to go to the Dr on Friday" I tell myself "I have to go to the Dr in three sleeps" and when I wake up, I tell myself, "two sleeps now".

Makes perfect sense to me.

It doesn't work with the dog or cat though since a day for them might involve 8 or more 'sleeps'.

I get thrown off on this system if I ever take a nap....

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