Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bern and Focus

One thing I've learned in the 50 years we've known each other, is that Bern's ability to 'focus' so far exceeds mine that my focus and her focus aren't in the same universe.

Whatever she's doing, she is doing it exclusively and there is no intervening in her focus on what's in front of her.

Whether it's working in the garden or cooking or being on her computer or running the vacuum cleaner or reading a book, Bern is 'at-one' with whatever task is before her.

I, on the other hand, am always available to be distracted or interrupted.

I told my daughter, Mimi, tonight on the phone, that I am 'the champion of doing things half-assed.'

And it's true. But not Bern. She never does anything half-assed. Her focus is complete.

The problem is, she just got an I-phone. She was convinced that one of us needed one because life will, at some point, hopefully before we die, 'require' a smart phone to buy groceries, get a movie ticket, pay you're oil bill, whatever else. She may just be right though I pray not.

So, she got an I-phone from Consumer Cellular--where I have my dumb phone--and the best deal ever. You have to be a member of AARP to get on that service. Boomers have looked out for themselves and get all the best deals.

I feel a bit like a Smart-Phone widower because Bern is so focused and never does anything in a half-assed way.

She has three books: I-phones for Dummies, I-phones for Elders and another one about I-phone operation, plus all the videos she can access on line because she now has an I-phone.

We watched "The Voice" last night and she seldom looked at the TV, fooling with setting up her I-phone and reading some instructions.

If I were the one with an I-phone, I'd figure out how to make and receive calls and be happy with that. Not Bern. She's downloading aps (or is it apts? I don't know, only having a half-assed interest in technology...or most anything. We'll have GPS for trips--though we seldom go anywhere we don't know the way to. And we'll have access to lots of stuff I really have no interest in having access to. I'm a tad annoyed when I get an e-mail that says "sent from my I-Phone". Go to a damn computer and send me an e-mail, ok?

I'm sure Bern's learning curve is much better than mine and I hope she'll figure out enough about her I-phone to satisfy her within the next week because I know not to interrupt her when she is in 'focus-mood' and I miss interrupting her already.

I often envy Bern's 'focus'. But it also annoys me, since, having none of my own, I'm always accessible.

I'm an I-phone widower for now. I can only hope she gets it down pat, as she always does, sooner rather than later.....

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