Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweeping the deck

Our deck is surrounded by 7 evergreen trees. Most are hemlocks though there are a couple of long needle pines.

This time of year those 'evergreens' are not 'ever' by a long shot. They drop brown needles, some of them 3 inches long, and clusters of needles so consistently that we could sweep the deck hourly. Most of the problem with the droppings is our Puli goes out and lays on the deck and brings in a handful or more of needles and clusters. We pick them off as best we can, but he spreads them throughout the house.

What strikes me about all this is how sloughing off the past creates the future.

We do the same, you and I with hair and skin cells. We leave them behind and move on.

Go look at your hair brush and how much you've shed lately.

Nature is always renewing itself by casting off the old and getting ready for the new.

I love Autumn because I know all the fallen leaves and withered plants are simply to make room for what will break forth in the spring.

Things change...we can't stop that...but things renew and come forth again.

Nature teaches us that.

We should ponder it.


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