Saturday, October 18, 2014

I just realized

I just realized that Daylight Savings Time begins on November 2 this year.

'Fall back' comes on All Saints' Sunday!

I still have to think a bit more since linear time confounds me to decide if I get an hour more sleep or an hour less. Right now I'm betting it's an hour more.

I also found out, as I researched this a bit on line, that different places in the country and the world, give the hour back at different times by law or something. How crazy is that? Does it matter if we fall back from midnight to 11 p.m. or from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m.? Aren't we all mostly asleep when this happens? Can't I just set my clock back when I go to bed--or even sometime Saturday afternoon? What difference does it make? It's just an hour, after all.

But since Christians are so consumed with worrying about stuff that, in the galactic scheme of things makes no difference: like whether a woman can be a priest or whether a woman can have an abortion or whether a woman and man can practice birth control or whether fetal stem cells can be used to cure horrific diseases or whether two men and two women can love each other enough to be married (all of which I would say a resounding YES! to) shouldn't we be worried instead that the time change always takes place on a Sunday and impacts Christian worship more than anything else?

And changing the clocks on All Saints' Sunday violates the sanctity of one of the most high Holy Days of the church calendar. Come on people, that gives us one more meaningless things to be huffy about.

There is a resolution to our annual Diocesan Convention, signed by people I love, that seeks to keep people from calling their male priests "Father".

The mid-East is involved in a war that might consume it ultimately. Hong Kong is a nightmare. Ebola is killing people faster than we can count. The distance between rich and poor in this, the richest country in the world, grows more disparate every day. Europe is still mired in the recession we have escaped.

What people call their priest seems, how to say it without causing offense?--well, there is no way, stupid and meaningless.

I told someone today that a 'non-gender' title for an Episcopal priest could be "ass-hole".

That could work. "Ass-hole Bradley"...I'd answer to that....

Lord help the Church to take it's eyes away from it's navel for just a moment....just a moment.

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