Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tim and Mimi's Wedding #3


We slept in and had breakfast at the free breakfast stations of the NU Hotel. I just wanted to hang out in the hotel so we passed on wandering around the city with Josh and Cathy and the girls. Had lunch with John Anderson at a place literally across the street from the hotel--one of the best hamburgers I've ever eaten, by the way.

Mimi and Tim's plan (and, again, I tell you, the reason this was the best wedding ever is that they orchestrated every moment of it and got it to be 'what they wanted') was that Bern would go to Mimi's friends apartment with Tim's mom while Allison 'made her up' and I would go with Tim's dad and brother to Tim and Mimi's apartment to watch him get ready. All this at 4 p.m.. Then we'd all meet at Ici, the restaurant where the service and reception would take place. We took two car services because Tim had to take amplifiers, computers, mixers and other stuff I don't understand (for the reception and the music and all (like I said, these two made it be what they wanted it to be.)

There were photos of families and the girls as flower girls and Tim and Mimi. Then waiting around until 6:30 when the service was scheduled in the little courtyard behind the restaurant. Bern had this great idea to tie the two rings onto ribbons tied to Emma and Morgan's dresses--Tegan was scattering rose petals. About 15 minutes before the service, the bow came undone and Emma lost Tim's ring. Yikes! But we were in an enclosed space, after all, and Tim's brother stepped on the ring and we got it back. So Bern appropriated the rings and didn't give them back until the sort of procession (Bern and Me, Bob and Carol, the girls, Tim and Mimi) and put the rings on Emma and Morgan's fingers and made them make a fist under threat of pain.

Anyway, two things happened: when Tim and Mimi were seen by the crowd, everyone started applauding and cheering and Morgan joined in and Mimi's ring came off her finger. We were all up front and someone found it right away. No superstition from Mimi and Tim, they just laughed.

The 13 minute service was like that--mistakes and laughter and tears.

Mimi had to tell me to let people sit down (I was as nervous as I've ever been at a wedding--partly because I wasn't in 'complete control' and partly because I didn't want to mess it up for Mimi and Tim). Tim got four words into the vows when his voice broke and he had tears on his face. Mimi laughed and then started crying herself. She tried to put Tim's ring on his right hand and everyone laughed. We prayed for them and then cheered like mad as they walked out.

Drinks and toasts upstairs while Ici's staff got ready downstairs (if you're ever in Brooklyn, find this restaurant--it's on DeKalb Street, farm to table and impeccable).

The rest was like a dream. 70 people (counting Tim and Mimi) remarkable food (best ever wedding food) served family style. Mimi and Tim leaving to move from table to table (about the only 'traditional' thing they did). Dancing and desert back upstairs (no 'wedding cake' but an assortment of puddings, pastries and 'cake pops').

I could go on and on but I won't.

It simply was this: 'just like them' and 'perfect'.

My baby girl is married (at long last!) to the man I would myself had picked for her. So much love at that service from friends and family. So much graciousness from Tim and Mimi. Something that came together 'just right'. Perfect.

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