Monday, February 29, 2016


I am a yellow-dog Democrat (in case you don't know, that means if the Virgin Mary was running for office as a Republican vs. a Democrat Yellow Dog, I'd vote for the latter....

But the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) is testing my yellow-dog-ness.

I've gotten emails today, ostensibly from the President, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi asking for money for the DCCC since Paul Ryan and the Republicans are raking it in hand over fist and Democrats are sitting on their hands (and wallets) and being shown up like the fools we are.

Finally as email titled, "we're desperate", reminding me I'd heard today from the President, Vice-President and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and if that wasn't enough, they were going to break into my house, eat my homework, kill my dog and disconnect my internet if I didn't sent them at least $5 to show those blow-hard Republicans (though donations in triple digits were preferred!) that we weren't taking their beyond-all-imagining fund-raising for granted.

I sent no money to the three ranking members of my party or to the sniveling little snot who told me the DCCC was 'desperate' and dying without me.

Just a few moments ago I got my 5th (count them, 5) email of the day from the DCCC to tell me they'd just had their BIGGEST FUNDRAISING DAY of the entire election cycle.

Imagine that!

And I hadn't sent a dime.

Good for us.

But there was still 90 minutes left for me to 'chip in' some money.

Hell, I'd donated nothing and it was the BIGGEST FUNDRAISING DAY ever. They should send me $35 and we Democrats would take control of the congress in November.....

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