Sunday, February 14, 2016

Last of the cold?

It's 10:43 p.m. I just took the dog out to pee. It's 10 below zero on our back porch.

Tomorrow afternoon, it's suppose to rise to freezing (32 degrees). It will feel like spring!

Today, coming home from church, I was driving through Hamden and saw two Quinnipiac University students walking through calf deep snow with short sleeve tee shirts on. It was, then, about 8 degrees above zero. 

I can only hope they had been drinking heavily to protect them from the cold. But it was just past noon, so I hope they started early!

The cold makes the social contract break down. People don't pick up after their dogs when its this cold. Covered from head to toe, people don't give greetings. Drivers seem a little crazier than they already are. College students go out in tee shirts.

I understand why alcoholism is prevalent in places like North and South Dakota and Maine and Minnesota.

The cold can drive even the most sober to drink.

Hopefully, those two young men in the snow with tee-shirts on had been driven to that.

Tomorrow will give a taste of sane temperatures. Then it starts getting better and better. In the 40's during the next week.

Heaven! Anything above 10 below seems sublime tonight.

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