Friday, February 12, 2016

If we can live through the weekend...

It's February in New England, what did we expect?

The news is calling it 'life threatening cold'. And it is cold. Really cold. Below zero cold. February in New England cold.

But, looking ahead, it seems if we can live through the next couple of days, it will be back in the 40's. Gulf Coast weather in February in New England!

So, live for the weekend and life will be better, the Weather Channel it must be true.

Until then, bundle up, or better yet, stay inside.

One thing about cold weather, though, I really can sleep when it's cold.

I slept until 9:45 this morning! Under about 6 inches of bedding. My dog would stay in bed most of the day, I think, if he could hold it. He was ready to go out at 10, let me tell you....

Sleep tight.

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