Friday, February 26, 2016

Third grade recess

I haven't seen such behavior since third grade as was on display at the Republican Debate last night.

I think Trump, Rubio and Cruz should just mud wrestle for the nomination. They came close last night--taunting and insulting each other like 9 year old brat boys.

John Casic could just shake his head on one end of the five and Ben Carson even once said, "would someone insult ME!" because the three whiny, potty mouthed guys in the middle got to respond to an insult.

Not much of any substance, besides challenges of each others' integrity, got discussed.

He who is loudest, it seems, wins.

For a long while I was amused by all the GOP fussing. Now it has gone beyond the pale. Could Cruz, Rubio and Trump sit down and have a drink together without throwing vodka and tonic in each others' faces? I'm not sure any more.

There is nothing wrong with a spirited debate on issues. Issues, after all, can be looked at from different points of view.

But all I could hear was personal attacks and character assassination. I was actually shocked that no one mentioned the size of one of the other debater's genitals.

Well, in fact, they did--in political code.

What a mess.

How do we raise the level of debate to middle school, at least?

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