Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The simple man I am....

OK, most of the time I think about myself, I think I am complicated, ironic, multi-dimensional, complex, nuanced, brilliant and difficult to describe.

Then the other day I went to Marshall's in Hamden (which I like better than the Cheshire Marshall's because it's larger, roomier, not 'Cheshire-like' and still believes men buy clothes there) and bought 6 pairs of wool-blend, thick socks and 6 pairs of cotton boxer shorts.

Most of my socks have holes in them somewhere and, like a lot of people, my boxer shorts go back years. Time to restock!

Today I have on a pair of new socks and new boxer shorts and I am a contented, aware, joyful man.

All it took was new socks and new boxer shorts.

So, maybe not as complex and nuanced as I thought.

And maybe not 'brilliant' either--though I have a Phi Beta Kappa key I could show you if I knew where it was....

But contented. Socks and boxer shorts was all I needed.

A man of simple tastes, easily satisfied--that's me.

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