Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Eleanor again

Yesterday, at baby day care, Eleanor had a fever related seizure.

They took her to the hospital in an ambulance while Mimi and Tim were rushing from Manhattan in separate cabs.

She was released a couple of hours later and went to the pediatrician today.

Some children react that way to fevers that spike.

She seems fine but still has a fever so Bern is going on the train tomorrow to be with her for a couple of days. The doctor is being very aggressive about the fever. Mimi had a lung infection at the beach and Bern had tracheal bronchitis so it's little wonder Eleanor got some of all that. We kept Urgent Care busy at the beach! Bern said it was the best examination she'd ever had....

So, however it is that you pray, or hold someone in your heart, please do that for little Eleanor.


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