Monday, September 25, 2017

Food, drink, ocean and Ellie

That was pretty much a summing up of our vacation on Oak Island with three friends, Tim and Mimi and Eleanor.

I went knee deep into the water a few times, but with my surgically repaired knee and quad muscle, I wasn't willing to be knocked around too much. I'm at the age that just staring at the ocean, remembering how small it makes me feel, glorying in that, is enough. There is great comfort, I find, in realizing how insignificant you are in the world, much less the Universe. As I read outside, tiny-tiny insects--so tiny I can't describe them--sometimes land on my book. I blow them away, hoping not to hurt them as I would if I turned the page on them--but never before realizing them on my book is how I feel by the ocean. And for reasons I'm not yet sure of, I like that feeling of being so tiny compared to something else.

Food--we all cooked. I did baked fish and sauteed shrimp and scallops (Tim is allergic to shrimp.) Jack did Shrimp and Grits and Scallops and Grits (for the same reason). Tim and Mimi did hamburgers and hotdogs one night with lots of sides. We went out to dinner the first night (minus T,M,E). Bern did the traditional 'big fish'--two Red Snapper stuffed and baked with incredible stuffing. Sherry did lots of vegetables. I cooked various kinds of pork with eggs and toast for whoever wanted them most mornings. Everyone was on their own for lunch. We all went to lunch one day in Southport at this great sort-of-outdoor place--a roof but no sides.

Drink--there was gin and tonic most days and always bourbon--but I only do beer and wine, mostly white--and left the rest to others. Only Bern doesn't drink alcohol at all, but we forgive her...or more likely, forget her.

And Eleanor. Oh, my Lord God, Eleanor!!! Such a wonder, so much joy and play.

Plus, I read three books and imagine most (except Tim who did a lot of LinkedIn work while there--phone calls and computer stuff) read almost that many.

The kind of salt air, paper page (though some use Kindle) wine and food and baby time that can't really be compared to anything...anything else to do for a week.

{My other three granddaughters--Emma, Morgan and Tegan Bradley--are now acolytes at the Cathedral of the Incarnation (Episcopal of course) in Baltimore. Cathy sent us photos of their training and their first Sunday. Emma and Morgan carried the candles and Tegan carried a banner that said, "Our Lord Lives". Good enough. It made me smile and laugh and feel great joy. I don't take 'church' too seriously, but I am glad they're having something in their youth to rebel against and either abandon or return to. Just joyful about that. I sent them an email with my joy and pride. They were so graceful and holy and beautiful. Wish I had them for acolytes....)

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