Saturday, September 2, 2017

Whatever happened to "Labor Day"?

I was in a package store today and noticed they would be open 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Labor Day.

I called back to the clerk, "you're open on Labor Day!!!"

Sadly she shook her head, "every day except Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and New Year's Day."

I knew the grocery stores and most all stores would be open, but wine/beer/liquor stores as well....

Whatever happened to 'LABOR Day'?

Labor Day is the national holiday for those who 'labor'. But they'll all be working. It's such nonsense to even have a day for them if they'll all be working!

I'd like to go back to 'Blue Laws', myself. Absolutely everything closed on Sunday...and Labor Day as well.

Buy enough wine for Labor Day on Saturday. Let the shops be closed Sunday and Monday. And get your groceries on Saturday too. Let the workers 'rest' on Sunday.

"A day of rest" should apply to everyone. And Labor Day, for God's sake, should be a day when there is no 'labor'.

The world is too much with us, as the poet knew. I long for 'the OLD DAYS' when no one worked on Sunday except police and emergency workers. And I long for slower times, more laid back times, times of rest, which seem to me to be gone now and forever.

And we are, I believe diminished by that. Greatly....

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