Friday, September 22, 2017

Good Night and Good Bye

I hope you read this on Friday night because David Mead, a "Christian researcher" who claims to have studied astronomy at the University of Louisville says the world is ending tomorrow, September 23, 1917.

A mysterious planet, Nibiru (aka Planet X) is, according to Mead, careering toward Earth and will obliterate us tomorrow. At least it won't be Trump and Kim Jong Un who destroy the planet.

Mead has made a careful study of Revelation--the book they should have left out of the Bible!!! for all the nonsense it has spawned--and says the recent earthquakes and Hurricanes were the first wave of the end of the earth.

However, if you want a glimmer of hope, a Canadian journalist named Robyn Flynn called Mead for an interview and was told he wouldn't be available until 'next week'.....Go figure.

Hope we're still here tomorrow. I still have stuff to write about vacation....

See  you if Nibiru misses us....

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