Saturday, December 23, 2017

Dreary day before the day before....

Freezing rain all day in Cheshire. Every thing icy and slick.

Bern put rugs and towels down the back steps of the deck so the Puli could go down at all. He falls more and more and fell on the deck before getting to the steps. Bern mopped the dining room floor and he fell there.

I'm made anxious by his decline--so steep now.

We didn't even clear the ice from my car and Bern's truck.

I went to the car to get something and walked so carefully it could hardly be called 'walking' at all.

More like creeping very slowly.

Tim and Mimi and Eleanor come tomorrow. I hope the ice goes away.

It will be odd not to go for a morning service tomorrow. The three churches I serve--little rural places--decided to forgo Advent IV and only celebrate Christmas Eve. Good call, I'd say. Especially if it's still icy in the morning. Snow is manageable, ice is not.

Stay warm. Don't fall down. If you live where the world is not iced over--good for you!

Merry Day Before the Day Before....

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