Monday, December 4, 2017

Inflatable, light up lawn decorations

Ok, they look great at night but the next morning they're just plastic collapsed on the lawn.

Why can't they be inflated all the time, I don't get it.

On my way to Emmanuel, Killingworth I pass a house in--I don't know, Wallingford, I guess-that has about two dozen of the Santa's and Reindeer's and Grouch dressed like Santa and Angels and more stuff than anyone needs ever, in a billion Christmases.

And when I go by on Sunday morning it looks like a terrorist attack has happened, or a Zombie apocalypse or those left behind at the Rapture.

I would never own one of those lawn things which need both air and electricity, I guess.

But if you do, God love you, and keep them always inflated.

It's beginning to look a lot like deflated Christmas.

Just me talkin'....

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