Sunday, December 31, 2017

my New Year's resolutions

I have never not kept a New Year's Resolution. I'll share this year's and you'll see why.

New Year's Resolutions--2018

1. I will not drink Yak milk this year.

2. I will not visit Iran.

3. I will not buy a BMW.

4. I will not run in the New York marathon.

5. I will write on my blog, "Under the Castor Oil Tree" at least 250 times.

6. I will drink Cranberry juice almost every day.

7. I will love my Puli dog, my wife, my two children and their spouses, my four grand-daughters and those friends in my life.

8. I will consume considerable amounts of white wine.

9. I will not vote for a Republican.

10. I will long for Sanity in this time of President (He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named).

See how easy it is to keep New Year's Resolutions...?

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