Friday, December 1, 2017

Odder and stranger and closer....

Well, well, well, General Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Considering the other charges Mueller could have indicting him for you have to ponder what all he promised the special prosecutor to only be charged with that....

Murkier and murkier this whole 'witch-hunt' (as He who will not be named has called it) and closer and closer to the King himself. Jarred Kushner and Kelly Ann Conway seem to be persons of interest in a new way through all this.

Steve Smith, a Republican advisor (a 'real' Republican, not the type we see today!) said on CNN that what people should do is vote only for Democrats for House and Senate in 2018.

Let me repeat that--a man in the Bush 2 White House and the Romney presidential run is advising people to vote for 'only Democrats' in 2018. That's because he doesn't think Republicans in Congress will go along with any road to impeachment for the President should all this lead to that possibility.

And it might. And Pence and Sessions are treading water in the whole Flynn imbroglio as well.

Who becomes vice-president if the Speaker of the House becomes President? I have to look it up.

As the Chinese say, "May you live in interesting times" as a curse, not a blessing. (Though, truth is, there is no similar saying in written Chinese. The closest is 'better to be a dog in good times than a human in trying times' or something like that. But people have credited Confucius with it for decades, no matter where it originated.)

These are, unfortunately for us, extremely 'interesting' times.

I truly believe our democracy is at stake. Mueller may be our lynch-pin to keep it all together.

I don't need Steve Smith to tell me to only vote for Democrats, but I admire his courage in doing so....

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