Friday, May 18, 2018

Back from tranformation and deep joy

The workshop I helped lead at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY (a truly beautiful place on the upper Hudson River) may have been one of the top five experiences of the over 50 Making a Difference workshops I have helped lead.

The 'breakthroughs' were not just amazing and tingling, they were complete and equally shared.

The Making a Difference Workshop is not easily described. It must be experienced. It is not 'linear' in any way and it doesn't claim to 'give you something' to 'improve' your ministry.

What it seeks to share is the ability to create 'who you be' in a way that empowers and enlivens you so you can have your hands more on the levers and wheels of what 'makes a difference'.

I'm not sure I've ever been at a workshop where every single person (20 of 20 in this case) truly 'got it'. "Got it" is what we say when people 'get it'. It can't be figured out or understood, what this workshop offers--it must come like an epiphany: "the sudden comprehension of the deep down meaning of things usually caused by something everyday, ordinary and commonplace."

In the case of the workshop the 'everyday, ordinary and commonplace' is a three day conversation about distinctions and a three day shared experience of the practice of centering prayer.

The workshop cannot be 'described'. It is only experienced.

And this one was experienced in a way I don't remember any other.

They are all different because the participants actually generate the experience and the participants are never the same.

This one was special.

(Though, truth be known {as it should be!} all of them are special in their own way.)

This workshop saved my life and ministry. As it has so many others'.

It also has touched everyone I've known since I participated in it.

Did I say 'touched'?

I meant to say 'transformed'.

That's what the workshop is about--transformation. Not 'change'--transformation.

I am honored and transformed by being a part of this work....

Every time.

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