Sunday, May 27, 2018


I don't pray much.

That might seem odd for someone who is an Episcopal priest--but it's true.

Oh, I pray with people who are sick and anoint them with oil blessed by a bishop (a mere priest can't bless oil--I don't know why, I think God would bless oil if an atheist asked He/She to, but that's just me). I pray and say, "I anoint you with this holy oil and ask God to grant you healing of mind, body and spirit and the grant you the peace that only God can give."

I pray that.

And I pray liturgically. I pray God to make the bread and wine in communion be the actual Body and Blood of Christ. And I believe that happens, no matter what a bad pray-er I am.

And I practice Centering Prayer (not as much as I wish) but that is a wordless prayer, a prayer of the heart, a prayer of 'being' instead of 'asking'.

I don't 'ask' much of God. I think God has enough to do without me adding to it all.

But I have been asking lately.

Baby Eleanor, one day last week, stopped breathing as Mimi put her to bed. Tim gave here mouth to mouth and the emergency people were there in 8 minutes or so and Eleanor through up massively on the ambulance ride and was seemingly fine after that. Maybe some food was in her esophagus and she threw it up. But whatever, it was terrifying for Tim and Mimi.

Then the very next night she had a febrile seizure--and she'd had two before. Another ambulance and another complete recovery, charming the ER folks with how wondrous she is.

She's been to Columbia's pediatric neurological doctors and is going to Cornell's. So, if there is something to worry about, they will find it.

But so far, no idea what's going on.

So I pray for her almost with every breath. And for darling Mimi and wondrous Tim and all they're going through.

I love them so and am praying as I seldom do.

If you pray, would you pray for Eleanor and Mimi and Tim a bit.

I'd profoundly appreciate that....

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