Saturday, May 19, 2018

Brooklyn and back

OK, I now believe in GPS.

We went to Brooklyn and back today to see Mimi, Tim and (of course) Eleanor. We used the GPS on my phone (or Bern did, I don't know how, Luddite that I am). The trip down was 2 hours and the trip back 2 hours and 27 minutes. We have spent those times added together to go one way in the past.

Just over 90 miles in 4 hours! What a nightmare that was.

They live in a different area of Brooklyn now, with more on street parking than they had in Fort Green (which was 'none'!)

So we drove though we've taken the train the last few times. The train from New Haven to Grand Central is about 2 hours and then we'd have to get to Brooklyn.

The GPS changed our route several times both down and back. We went down on I=95 because it told us to but back on Bronx River Expressway and Hutchinson/Merritt because it told us to.

I used to think GPS was vain and silly.

No more.

And then, in Brooklyn was that little family on the 13th floor on Washington Ave. Sigh!

So lovely to see them.

Bern and Mimi rearranged the living room of their (for New York) 'roomy' apartment. It made Tim and I anxious to watch them do it.

Bern sometimes moves things around in our house just to see if I notice. I give her pleasure by pretending not to notice.

I'd put furniture in one place and probably never move it unless it broke.

I must admit, the living room was better when they were finished.

GPS and rearranging furniture--two things I normally shun--both worked out.

Maybe I'm not as stuck in my way of being as I think.

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