Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Favorite pictures

I have a screen saver on my computer of photos from the past. Some of them are from before Josh and Cathy were married. Some are from slightly after their twins were born--but all over a decade old.

Two of my favorite photos of Josh and Mimi are of a visit they made to us along with Cathy (Tim wasn't in our lives yet.

Mimi is prone on a bed upstairs using our dog Bela as a pillow. She was the only person Bela would have let do that. Bela loved Mimi with a love beyond bounds. Mimi is smiling broadly in the picture. Bela is full of joy to be her pillow.

Josh is in our dining room looking down at the chair beside him. I know from another photo just before that one that our cat, Luke, was on that chair rolling over to show Josh his stomach. Josh's look is of love and bemusement.

Animals do that for us--they bring out the best of the best in us.

There's also a picture of Bern asleep in our bed with our previous dog, Sadie, up against her back and Luke sleeping between her feet.

Animals, you got to love them....

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