Saturday, December 1, 2018

Bush 41

I disagreed with much that he did, but unlike today, I always believed he did what he thought was right and good and moral and in the interest of his country.

I met him once because his aunt, Mary Bush House, was a member of St. Paul's in New Haven. A sweet, gentle, generous woman. He and Barbara would visit her at her nursing home, which made the nursing home crazy because the Secret Service would show up three days prior and turn things inside out.

He was as gentle and good as his aunt in our brief meeting.

I also know his brother. Jonathon, from Emmanuel Church. Jon--you would never know he was anything but a normal guy from the way he dresses to the way he interacts with us 'normal people'.

I emailed Jonathon to give him my heart in these days.

How much I wish a man of the integrity of G.H.W. Bush were in the White House today.

How much I wish that.

And how much I appreciate his long decades of service to his country.

Rest well, George Herbert Walker. We will miss you and your kind of man....

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