Monday, December 17, 2018

not a bad law

One of the Scandinavian countries (where most of the wisdom in the world--it seems to me--resides) has passed a law requiring me to 'sit' to pee in public toilets.

As one who uses public restrooms (which is what we mild-mannered Americans call a place to leave bodily waste) I applaud Norway (I think it was) for this law.

How they will enforce it is a reasonable question, but I just think people up there in those cold, dark countries (these days by any rate) understand that 'obeying the law' is what good people do. So, I bet there is next to no pee on the floor of those bathrooms.

I may even start doing it at home. My aim isn't what it used to be and it might be better to never have to wipe stray urine up....

(I've given you about two weeks of Trump-free posts. So. I'm working up to coming back about the President by talking about "obeying the law" and human waste.

The President will be back under the castor oil tree next post. Get ready for it! There will be stuff to wipe  up when I'm through....)

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