Saturday, December 8, 2018

poem I wrote

I wrote this for Bern on our 40th anniversary. Next September will be--gasp!!!--49!!!


For most of my memory (albeit random now): you were there.
Over rocky times and wondrous times and times in between,
Riding the roller coaster of my life,
Touching miracles and lost in pain, there is this:
You were there, riding with me.

Years following years, decades piling up like train cars,
Even in the darkness,
Always there was a familiar light.
Rounding every turn, in every nook and cranny, every cul de sac,
Some times even when the wheels left the road or jumped the track,

Whenever, wherever in this journey of so long,
I was never alone.
Through thick and thin, the saying goes, in ebb and flow,
High tides and low tides, ups/downs/inside outs....

Year after year, deserve it or not, fair or foul, brilliant or bitter,
Over 73% of all the days I've lived (I did the math!) whatever else
Under heaven occurred, there is this: the one I love best of all was there.

You were there....


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