Sunday, December 2, 2018

We don't deserve her

We've had Brigit for two months now.

Her name was Annie, but when we said 'Annie' she ducked her head and turned away. Now she knows her new and always name is Brigit.

She has a new name and a new life--her forever life.

After only two months she is a perfect dog. She never demands but always longs for attention. She shakes all over when one of us comes home from somewhere. She still hasn't barked. Not once.

She appreciates everything and comes to find us if we aren't with her for a while.

She is a joy to walk and is, slowly, overcoming her fear of noises and sudden changes.

We don't know what all she's been through, but we know we don't deserve her.

We lucked out big time. The sweetest, gentlest dog ever.

Such a sweetheart.

That's what Eleanor, our two year old grand-daughter calls her: "sweetheart".

Out of the mouths of babes.....

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