Sunday, June 6, 2021


(I owe Harlan Dalton, a long time friend and the priest of the church I once served in New Haven for this poem. I found it in a reflection of his on line. It is about how nothing is wasted--all is compost.)


Nothing is Wasted
Reflections on What We Call Rubbish
(Janet Morley, All Desires Known 3rd ed.)

O, God
with whom nothing is lost, nothing wasted
we thank you for the miracle of compost --
our daily leavings, what we throw away,
able, with time and care, to fertilize the earth.
Take what we regard as useless in our lives,
failure, pain, or poverty,
and transform them through your power
to become a rich source of growth.

 (Ponder that, dear readers.)

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