Sunday, June 20, 2021

I feel like homemade s***!

When I got to Trinity, Milton today, my car was running a little hot and the battery light was on.

After the service, Mark, who lives in a different part of Cheshire from me, offered to follow me home.

My car died and I pulled over and told him I would have to wait for a tow truck and since he had an event to attend, he should go on.

I got back in the car. It started and made it another 4 miles or so before dying again.

I put some coolant I had in it, waited 15 minutes and it went another 4 miles before dying again.

I was outside Watertown and called AAA.

They said someone would be there in 30 or 35 minutes, so I set out to find someone to come and get me. Three misses--even Bern wasn't home and doesn't usually travel with her cell.

Triple A gave the driver the wrong directions so it was almost an hour before he got there.

Route 8 is a pretty busy road, so an hour of cars whizzing by at 80 or so was disconcerting and concerning.

In all that time only one person pulled over to see if he could help. He gave me a bottle of water and wished me well. His name was Brian--I always like people named Brian! 

It reminded me I should stop when I see people in trouble on the road--like Brian.

I wasn't supposed to ride with the tow truck driver but he wasn't going to leave me on a busy highway, so he took me to the shop. As I was with him I finally got Bern on the phone and asked her to come to Watertown and get me. She put the address in her phone and came to a McDonald's next to the shop.

I hadn't eaten anything all day and it was 1:40 when she got there.

A few weeks ago, I decided I'd give up my cell phone and Bern talked me out of it.

Praise God for her doing that. I don't know what I would have done today without it.

When we got home I got 'Father's Day' calls from Mimi and Josh that lifted my spirits.

But I still feel beat up and like what I mentioned in the title to this blog. That was a saying where I came from, don't know about CT.

Happy Father's day....


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