Sunday, June 13, 2021

It's a good thing

 No air-conditioning for 4 nights--that's a good thing.

Bern gets congested from AC.

We'll need it a lot later.

And it's a good thing that the former President's Justice Department is being investigated for their subpoenas of phone and email information from the press and sitting members of Congress.

That could, on top of every thing else, really open up some room to fully evaluated the illegal stuff of the previous administration.

The former President (who I will not name here--just as Stephen Colbert doesn't on his late night show) is now thigh deep in wrong-doing where he used to be knee deep.

Nothing could please me, or Joe Biden, more than to see him sent off to prison.

That (at last) might make the maga and lie-believers face the truth.

Which they must if our Democracy is to move on and thrive.

And I also hope for a couple of more cooler days....


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