Monday, June 14, 2021

I still have faith

I still have faith in our democracy.

You might ask why--given that a mad-man was president for four years, Q-anon is alive and well, and our most precious democratic symbol, the US Capitol, was stormed with hatred and death on January 6.

I still have faith because our democracy seems to have survived all that.

Sensible and patriotic people are in charge of the executive branch and rioters from 1/6 (I'm sure that will come to be a thing, like 9/11) are in jail and being prosecuted.

It's certainly not over.

But Biden is re-establishing our role in the world. Harris marched in a Pride parade. Legislation in pending to restore voting rights that state Republicans are trying to limit, to prepare our infrastructure and to do something, long over-due, to make our economy more equal.

It's certainly not done yet and the fear of more violence from the extreme right and white supremacists is still possible.

But I have faith in our democracy.

I long for the day I don't have to worry.

But I still have faith.

You should too.

That will help us all.


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