Saturday, September 25, 2021

Funeral today

Today I did a funeral at St. John's in Waterbury of a woman I don't remember.

She was a life-long member and I was there for 21 years--but I didn't remember her.

There was a photo board with dozens of pictures. I looked at them all before the service.

But I didn't remember her.

Was I just not paying attention?

Or was she one of those folks who showed up a lot but didn't do anything else and I just didn't know her?

It bothers me that I don't remember her.

A niece gave a remarkable 6 minute reflection that told me a lot about her.

But I still didn't remember her.

That made me sad, but I talked to her only child, her son, and his three children and they appreciated the service so much it made me feel better.

But I'm still sad that I don't remember her.



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