Monday, September 13, 2021

Sorry to have been so harsh

 Didn't mean to be so harsh yesterday, just worried about how few are reading my blog these days.

I'm pondering what is going on in our country.

President Biden ended a 20 year war and didn't know how fast the army in Afghanistan would collapse. He was just living into a deal the former president made with the Taliban.

People who won't be vaccinated are putting others and children at risk from the Covid virus.

There's no reasoning with the MAGA folks who think Biden stole the election.

Wild fires, hurricanes, rain and heat are effecting everyone except, it seems, New England.

Climate change is real, but there are many deniers.

Another possible attack on the capitol have caused D.C. to put up a fence around the building.

I can't get my head around it all.

I need to breathe deeply, meditate and wonder and ponder.

I think we all do.

And then we need to DO SOMETHING to bring our country back to it's senses.


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