Friday, September 10, 2021

Republicans want to kill people

 I've said it before about Republican governors, but now I'm saying it about the party at large--Republicans want to kill people!

Biden's 6 point plan to handle covid is right in so many ways. But many Republicans--including Mike Pence--oppose it vigorously.

They say it takes away constitutional rights to make choices about your body.

But what about the anti-abortion laws that take away women's constitutional rights about their bodies?

Or what about voting restriction laws that take away the constitutional rights to vote?

There are lots of mandates we follow all our lives:

   --stop at red lights and stop signs

   --don't steal or kill or speed

  --pay your taxes

  --don't smoke in non-smoking areas

  --vaccinate your children so they can go to school against major killers--Covid is one of those

  --don't drive drunk or high

  --stay on your side of the road

Why has the Republican party become the party of death from this pandemic?

I just don't get it!!!






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