Thursday, September 16, 2021

I'm still stunned

I don't like to keep harping on something, but covid is becoming more and more an issue we can't avoid, especially in Red states.

Everyday there are reports of people dying--not from Covid--but because hospitals have no beds for people with treatable conditions. One guy in the south was taken to 28 hospitals in 3 states before one had a bed for him to die in. A child with an appendix attack was kept waiting in an ER for 12 hours because ER was full of Covid cases--finally, after his appendix ruptured, he was saved, but with more problems than if he'd been seen earlier.

And Republicans against vaccine mandates and mask mandates, exposing people to a deadly virus, continue to work on laws to restrict a woman's choices about her body and to restrict who can vote!

I'm still stunned by what's going on in the country where I was born and raised and love dearly.


My rights stop when they endanger someone else.

We're all in this thing together.

Quit talking about your 'rights' and get vaccinated or cause others to die or die yourself.

This should all be over--like Polio is over and Whooping Cough is over and Smallpox is over.

Get the shot, you all!

Just get the shot and we'll get on with it and back to normal.


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