Sunday, December 12, 2021

Let me be clear

Let me be clear--I hate abortion. I hate knowing a life was snuffed out before it was born.

However (and this 'however' cancels out what I just said) as a straight, white man, I have no right to tell women that they are not in charge of their bodies.

The wave of laws across the country and the latest supreme court ruling that the Texas anti-abortion law can stand, endanger the very meaning of democracy and individual rights.

Well-to-do women can always find an abortion clinic--even it half-way across the nation.

It is poor women, teens, victims of rape or incest, women of color that will be harmed greatly by this anti-abortion movement.

If I could eliminate rape and incest and provide every woman in the country with access to birth control, I would.

But I can't.

And if Roe vs. Wade goes to the wayside, it is precisely the right women we need to protect most that will suffer.

Do whatever you can to protect abortion rights--write your representatives in congress, rally, speak out to protect the right of women to be in charge of their own bodies.



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