Thursday, December 23, 2021

The day before the day before...

December 23 is always a strange day for a priest.

It is the day before the day before.

It all starts tomorrow afternoon at a 4 p.m. service at Trinity, Milton.

Carols and sermon and communion. More Carols after.

Nothing on Christmas day  or Sunday.

A weekend off.

But the day before the day before seems long and strange though it is very dark already before 5:30.

Waiting for the Eve of Christmas is just as weird as waiting for Santa to come.

It will just be me and Bern and John for Christmas dinner.

After tomorrow's service will go to a small dinner party at John's house.

The day after Christmas we'll go to North Branch to be with Tim and Mimi and Eleanor.

That will be great.

But waiting is not my strong suit.


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