Friday, December 3, 2021

Why I haven't posted

I haven't posted since Sunday because on Monday I went to the ER and have been in the hospital until late afternoon yesterday.

I'll spare you the details but I had blood where it shouldn't be.

I felt fine.

No pain and no discomfort.

Just some, as yet unexplained blood.

Lots of tests. Liquid diet. Cameras inserted high and low. No definitive diagnosis.

Symptoms gone.

Have you ever been in a hospital for four days and three nights while you felt fine?

I read two long books and watched more TV than I have in years.

I wandered the halls for exercise and was glad I was in the wing I was because people were yelling from bed in the other.

I got to know all the nurses and nursing assistants quite well. One nurse where I was before and after a procedure that had me put to sleep was the daughter of a couple in my last full time church. We had a great talk before I was drugged and after I woke up.

Many of those who served me told me I was their 'favorite patient'.

I guess nursing someone who feels fine is easier than nursing people who are sick and in pain.

But I'm home now--with a couple of follow up visit in the near future--and ready to write to you, my friends, about stuff other than my 'feeling fine' hospital stay.


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