Saturday, December 4, 2021

Sticker abuse

And I don't mean 'sticker price', I mean my bumper stickers!

In the last couple of days, someone tore off my long-lived Obama bumper sticker and put a LGB sticker over my Biden/Harris sticker.

"LGB" means "Let's go, Branden"--a phrase used by the extreme Right that means, in their minds--"F*** Joe Biden".

How bad has it gotten--how low have we fallen--that people are now de-facing stickers on other people's cars?

I've lived through a lot of turmoil--the 60's, the Vietnam war, Reagan and the past President (who I don't name in my blog!)--but I've never experienced anything like the current divide between the Right and the Left.

It is breath taking and very, very scary.

Somehow, someway, we need to come closer together.

Our democracy is at risk.

Our nation is at risk.

What can we do to return to a time of peaceful disagreement and a degree of unity over agreeing to disagree and live together as one people?

Whatever it is, we must do it.

Abusing stickers is only one step or two from abusing each  other in violent ways.

Wake up, Americans! We are on the road to ruin....


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