Friday, December 31, 2021

New Year's Eve

Bern was told by her mother that to leave the Christmas tree decorated until the new year was bad luck. Some Hungarian superstition, I've always thought.

But when I came down this morning (Bern rises earlier than I do) she was taking off the decorations.

I don't mind since the tree and the lights stay up.

Tonight is the last night of the year--though time is relative and the calendar we follow is not the only one there is.

Tomorrow we'll have collard greens, hoppin' John and rice--a traditional southern New Year's Day dinner--for 'good luck'.

Who knows how we got hooked into this superstition.

Nothing Hungarian or Italian or Appalachian about it.

But better to cover the bases, I suppose.

Bern told me that most of the things her mother told her to do were ignored. But un-decorating the tree stuck somehow.

"Think how much bad luck I've saved us from all these years," she said, smiling at herself.

A bit of Irish wisdom to end you're year:  "Don't despise getting older, many are denied the privilege."



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