Monday, December 20, 2021

My blood runs gold and blue

I am a West Virginian to the bone.

I spent my first 22 years there and went back for 3 more.

After 40 years in Connecticut, I've lost most of my West Virginia accent, but just ask me and I can do it.

I bleed gold and blue, the colors of WVU, my college.

So, I have every right to call out and disclaim Joe Manchin, the 'Democratic' senator from my home state who will not vote for the administrations 'Build Back Better' law.

West Virginia is one of the last states in poverty, child poverty, unemployment and food shortage.

Build Back Better would address all those issues in a big way.

Manchin said, "I can't explain BBB to my constituents."

What he means is, "I make more than my senate salary from my coal and gas interests so I can live on a yacht and drive an expensive car."

And the Global Warning parts of BBB would hurt him there.

What a despicable man and horrible Senator--caring more for himself than the people of his state and of all the states.



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