Thursday, March 19, 2015

Where's Calvin's grave? I bet you could hear him spinning....

The Presbyterian Church USA (God bless them!) changed their Constitution to define 'marriage' as a lifetime union between 'two committed people'.

The church of Calvin has endorsed gay marriage!

The Roman Catholics embracing birth control would have been less shocking.

Now here is something to ponder: why have the rights of GLBTQ folks (they insist on "Queer", a way of making something insulting honorific--a brilliant strategy in 'branding') so quickly taken hold when Blacks and Hispanics and Women are still fighting for full equality?

Examples of rampant racism and sexism still abound and gay folks are becoming, every day, more mainstream. Presbyterians, for goodness sake!

What is up with that?

Why are women, more than half the population, still struggling while gays (10% at most--probably less) are earning rights left and right?

And our racial minorities--soon to be the 'majority' in this 2020 or so...--are still seeking total inclusion.

I'm not sure what it's all about. Something about how we all 'know' or are 'related to' someone who is GLBTQ while we're not related to racial minorities.

But what about women? We all know and are intimately related to women. So why do they still get paid less and have to endure sexual harassment and feel 'second class'?

Because Men are still in charge?

Something there to ponder long and deep.


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