Monday, March 30, 2015

My kinda church...

The Right Reverend Marcus Bishop (which would make him 'Bishop Bishop', if I'm not mistaken, is the pastor of The Life Center: A Spiritual Community in some beach town in Florida.

During Spring Break this March, Bishop Bishop turned The Life Center into a club for Spring breakers with a 7 day, $20 a night, BYOB with naked painting and slumber parties.

The parties were called "Amnesia: The Tabernacle".

Ponder that if you dare!

Bishop even installed an ATM machine in front of the church in case college folk didn't bring cash to Florida.

County authorities didn't get the spiritual implications of nude body painting inspired by alcohol you brought with you and (spoil sports that they are) took The Life Center's tax exempt status away.

Shame on them! Spiritual folks like to party too! I'm sure at the drunken slumber parties they were discussing matters of the soul.

Man, you just can't hear enough about Florida, can you?

Marco Rubio, what a state you come from and what a state you're in. Marco could detract from my support for Ted Cruz who comes from only the second craziest state, Texas.

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