Saturday, March 14, 2015

By the water

We were unpacking the car in Plymouth when I realized I forgot my laptop and wouldn't be able to write from there. (Two people had computers but I don't know how to get to this page anywhere but from my laptop and this computer. On those are icons that I click and come in the back door of the blog....)

It was Jack and Sherry, John Anderson, Bern and I in a house we figured was about 4000 square feet with a 180 degree view of Plymouth Harbor. When it was clear you could see the lighthouse in Provincetown!

It was a wonderful house and we had a great time, reading and eating. No beach walking because we were settling in on Wednesday and the rest of the week was too cold. But we lacked for nothing else. Those 3 are like family to us--for the last few years John and Sherry have gone to the beach in North Carolina with Mimi and Tim and us.

We took a shit load of food to Plymouth and really didn't need to buy anything but some ice cream while we were there. Bourbon, Scotch and white wine made the trip with us too...other good friends....

John and Sherry and Bern and I usually drive together in John's Landrover to North Carolina. But this year we're going to fly to Myrtle Beach to save two travel days and rent a car or two. It will be much nicer, I think, because the drive is tedious and two day and we get back worn out. Hardly the way to end vacation....Plus, there's a Food Lion on Oak Island and we won't be tempted to bring a shit load of food! All the food we took before made even a Land Rover uncomfortable!

I'm not wishing away the Spring and Summer, but I do look forward so much to that time with  Mimi and Tim and our little adopted family.

We came back today so I can do church and because Mimi took her car to Wallingford for some recall work and is spending the night.

What's odd about this little group (including Tim and Mimi) is that we're all avid readers (and eaters and drinkers) and get along seamlessly. Long period of being comfortable without having to talk are the norm. That only makes the conversation better....

There's a word for what we do well--we can simply 'abide' with each other. Where I come from if you were walking down the road and saw a neighbor up on their porch they might just call out, "come up and 'bide a spell."

'Bide-ing had no particular content or expectation. You might talk or you might not. You might have some ice tea or you might not. What it was was the ability to be comfortable in each others' presence without any agenda at all.

I like to 'bide a spell as often as I can.

That's what I've been up to since my last post--'bide-ing a spell with Bern and dear, dear friends....

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