Monday, September 9, 2013

Another WVU moment

Yesterday, I blogged about Gino Smith, former West Virginia University quarterback. Today, another reason to be glad that WVU is my Alma mater.

WVU is rated as the top "Party School" of all colleges and universities! Ahead of LSU and Alabama and UCLA and Penn State and, well, everybody.

Something that often happens and has for decades after a WVU football win is that students, for reasons only they know, drag mattresses out on the street and set them on fire.

It is difficult to imagine the symbolism in that, so far as I can tell.

When I was at WVU from 1965-69, mattresses were being burned on and off--but the football team was pathetic, so it didn't happen often.

And I suppose there were lots of parties, though it difficult to remember through the haze of alcohol and pot from those years.

I went to college with Jorge Gutierrez, who, like me, became an Episcopal priest. Years after college, someone asked me in front of Jorge, how long we'd known each other.

I said, "we went to college together."

Jorge, who was known to drop acid back then but today doesn't even drink, said, "that was you!?"

I rest my case. WVU deserves it's ranking as a college party school.

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