Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where would he go and why....?

Whenever our Puli dog
goes out in the back yard
the first thing he does
is check the push-in-the-ground fence
that separates the yard from the driveway.

Several times, he's found it down
and tried to run away.
Why and to where
has always fascinated me.

There is no better life
for Bela "out there".

We make his food:
ground turkey, sweet potatoes,
peas and celery and garlic,
green beans and blueberries,
cooked well and lovingly.

And we love him
like a rock.
Bern loves him so much
it makes me anxious
whenever he's with me
that something bad will
happen and she'll blame me
for his demise.

So, what is so attractive
about 'out there'?
Why would he run away?

Where would he go
and why? Is what I wonder.

Where would we 'run away'
to, if we only could?
And why?

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