Monday, September 16, 2013

What I like about being me

So--this sounds so goofy I apologize in advance--but I really 'like' myself. I've not always, but I do now and really do.

Nothing much bothers me. I have a real involved detachment with stuff. I did notice in Baltimore last week that my granddaughters can say thing that 'hurt my feelings' a bit--like things I ask them not to say to me (mostly 'potty mouth' things, which all kids do but which I don't want to hear from Morgan and Emma and Tegan's mouth--though Tegan's stance that anything proceeded by 'Poop' is funny is amusing to me.)

I'm way past having friends or acquaintances or strangers distress me. It just doesn't matter. And Bern never says anything about me that causes me pain. Josh and Mimi still have, to some degree, the power to make me cringe, but mostly they don't and even when Josh starts dissing Obama, which he does, I just let it go mostly.

It is truly wonderful to 'like yourself', no kidding.

I know myself through and through and even though their are things about me that I am concerned about, I simply embrace them and 'like myself'.

Which is good news for other people since I try, as best I can, to lean into 'loving your neighbor as yourself'' and I do 'love' who I am. So that frees me to be uniformly loving to those around me. I simply am not 'upset' at anyone--unless you ask me about Tea Party members, who I'm not kind or accepting of at all.

But exempting the radical Right of the Republican Party and racists and terrorists, there aren't many people on my shit list. Which feels good.

I run into lots of folks who don't like themselves and thereby don't like a lot of people they run into on a daily basis. I simply try to be present to those folks and seek to not judge them and remember how lucky I am to like myself so much.

Here's my advice (beware of anyone offering 'advice') 'like yourself'. Like really. Like always. Like just because you can choose to do that.

In the times in my life when I didn't 'like' me, I was full of conflict and distress and confusion.

Liking me frees me from most all that.

Wake up tomorrow and greet yourself in the mirror as you 'best friend'...someone you like and love a lot.

Then let me know how your day goes....

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