Monday, September 23, 2013

Late at night

Late at night--though not that late--and I long for bed.

I am often awake late at night.
Sleep is something I love,
long for, adore.

I seldom, if ever have nightmares,
but I sleep near to the surface of wakefulness.

My dreams are most often mundane,
me working at some task,
succeeding but not knowing how.

In 13 days I fly to Ireland
to lead a workshop,
or, more accurately, to coach
three women to lead it themselves.

I have been to Ireland many times
to be a part of the workshop.
This time, I might leave people there
who can lead it without my help.

Like a task I work at in a dream,
and succeed without knowing how.

Ireland is so green it is almost painful.
Like a dream about 'green'
which is a job I have to do
and accomplish without knowing how.

Or why.

Not long now and I'll be abed,
waiting for dreams
that come or not.

Either way,
I'll be grateful.

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