Thursday, September 5, 2013

Things I wonder about

I wonder about a lot of things. These are but a few.

*Bela, our dog, went to the Vet today and got 3 shots and blood drawn. He gets so tense at the Vet that she can't palpitate his stomach because it gets real hard. I wonder what he is thinking about all that.

*I wonder why people think such radically different things than I think. It stuns me to realize some people think homosexuals are sick and bad and that healthcare is a bad thing and that poor people somehow chose to be poor.

*I wonder why we can't see the Milky Way in Cheshire. On Oak Island, the Milky Way adorns the sky. There doesn't seem to be that much more light in Cheshire, but I can't see it.

*I wonder what goes on in Miley Cyrus's brain.

*I wonder what determines why Maggie, our parakeet yells so loud sometimes and not others. She listens to classical music all day on the radio beside her cage (unless NPR news is on) but some music makes her yell so loud it hurts my ears and other music doesn't.

*Our cat, Lukie, got in the basement today when I was washing clothes and stayed down there for several hours. Our basement isn't too interesting to me, so I wonder what he finds so fascinating about it.

*I wonder why I wonder about so much.

*I wonder if 'wondering' goes away when you have dementia or if all you do when you have dementia is wonder why the world is so different than it was.

*I wonder how Bern and I have endured for 43 years married today. I wonder what that 20 year old girl and 23 year old boy (we were a 'boy' and a 'girl' since people didn't grow up as fast as they do now back then) were feeling as they arrived in Roanoke, Virginia to spend their first night together as married people at the Hotel Roanoke.

*I wonder about Pelicans and Penguins and Pigeons.

*I wonder about most things that begin with 'P'.

* I wonder what it is that makes me such a happy, joyful person when so many of the people on our little island home called Earth are oppressed, miserable and forlorn.

*I wonder why 'forlorn' isn't a word used more often.

*I wonder if other people 'wonder' as much as I do. I hope so, because 'wondering' is one of the gifts of life to me....

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