Friday, September 26, 2014

buying a suit

I need a new suit for Mimi's wedding.

The problem is this: it's been so long since I bought a suit that I'm rather lost at sea trying to do it.

I've gone to Macy's in two malls and a Men's Warehouse in one, but there is no one there to help you and I have to take off my glasses to see sizes and when I see sizes I don't have a real good sense of what the suit looks like.

And, the last time I bought a suit in a real store, the pants and the coat came together. Now it seems, pants and suit jackets come separately.

I've been trying to remember when I last bought clothes in a real store and I can't remember. All the clothes I own now were either purchased in a consignment shop or Marshall's. For a decade or so, a lawyer in Cheshire, who was just my size, used to take his suits to the consignment shop and I bought them. But then that stopped. I hope he moved away rather than died.

So, screwing up my courage, I asked Bern if she'd go with me tomorrow or Monday and help me buy a suit.

She was waiting for me to ask and so with her in tow, I think I might be able to do it.

Suits--indeed, all the clothes--these days seem to be very expensive...which is why I go to Marshall's and the consignment shop. I am much cheaper than you might imagine. I don't like to spend money on clothes--which is probably obvious to anyone who sees me with my clothes on.

But, for Mimi and Tim, I need a new suit.

And I'm committed to doing it, willing to suffer both pain and indignity to do so. I love them that much.

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